Ultra shape device



Ultra shape device: additional cosmetic treatments widen your offer

The method of cavitation finds a practically useful cosmetic application to the disappearance of the fat cells in the body. This method is based on the research results of physicists, engineers and doctors. Its basic principle is the by momentum caused imploding, which frees the targeted treatment area from undesirable substances and matters.
Cavitation brings effective results for the fight against the accumulation of fat in certain parts of the body and it helps to correct and to reshape the body figure. It is increasingly being used successfully in the cosmetics and cosmetic medicine for the needs of a beautiful silhouette.
Way of application
The method of cavitation is performed based on an ultrasound tool. It is painless and it usually takes place over several sessions. The resolution and the elimination of fat formation is visible after a short time and it has a lasting effect, so far as the method is good for the whole weight system and it affects the weight stability. The removal of fat deposits in the body, that is supported by the ultrasound machine, is limited to the outer skin tissue and it does not require any medical intervention and any medical assistance. The execution of cavitation with ultrasound equipment is not done surgically and it is not invasive. During the treatment, heat is conducted into the skin, and the treated person feels comfortable and pleasant.
The importance of cavitation method
In addition, no side effects on the course of cavitation method with the help of an ultrasound device have been identified. Nevertheless, the method may not be used in certain cases, and there are contraindications which need to be considered. The cavitation method is reliably used in cosmetic medicine for body correction, and beauty salons rely on this method when they want to offer something more than the usual. The reason for this is that the fat destruction increases wellbeing and sense of self-confidence significantly. A beautiful body figure is not only aesthetically correct, but also it gains more social acceptance generally.
The ultrasound method offers an effective and safe use in problem areas such as
  • hips,
  • upper arms,
  • tigh,
  • buttoks,
  • knee,
  • ankles,
and helps reducing fat and cellutite during the treatment for rejuvenating as skin rediation therapy.
The cavitation method has a lot of advantages:
  • no risk, as no anesthesia or surgery is necessary for it.
  • sure, because the adjacent nerves and vessels are not affected and only the fat cells are treated.
  • efficient because the results are immediately visible since the problem areas can be treated effectively.
  • permanent, since the body immediately reacts against the formation of fat deposits due to balanced metabolism.
In addition, the method is tested medically and dermatologically and is approved. The treatment does not leave any trace, and the normal daily routine can be followed immediately after the treatment.
For your beauty salon this method can be an important variant of your available treatments and therefore your customers will be served completely . The reshaping of the body line can be something pleasant and desirable for many customers.
Factors that support the use of cavitation
Moreover, the costs of such treatment are lower than the price of a cosmetic operation. This concerns both your customers and you. The ultrasound devices have a simple use, and the training is quick and easy.
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