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IPL-Solution devices are an important component of our enormous offer of top ipl-products to unsurpassed low prices. These implements contribute to your success crucially. You can extend your existing room of treatments by setting this ipl-equipment in it or you will use it as key central equipment for your treatment. The spatial possibilities for this must be given. On the other hand, the IPL-stand units are a necessity, so you can work quickly, productively and qualitatively. Your customers will feel comfortable and treated gently. Their well-being is in your hands.

Sectors of using the IPL-Solution devices for the cosmetic treatment in Studio:
  • permanent hair removal
  • skin rejuvenation
  • elimination of skin pigment among others

Why are IPL floor implements worth the purchase for your salon?
  • They work extremely practical.
  • They are comfortable in use for both, user and treated persons
  • Because of their diverse and variable benefits they can be used every day.
  • They are an important investment.
  • The implements are energy-efficient, which means lower costs when using.
  • They provide a wide range of effectiveness. The IPL-table-implements have light pulses of lower expansion compared to the pulses of IPL stands-implements. Thank to their shorter pulses, you win highter power during your  treatments and you achieve outstanding efficiency.
  • They function with the desired dosed speed of light.

What does we offer you with the purchase of a IPL-Solution device?
  • In our wide range of top products you can find in a comfortable way numerous IPL stand implements.
  • You select the IPL machine, which you can place in your studio rooms perfectly.
  • We can help you to make exactly the right choice among our top products. We give our advice and we can train you comprehensively in the use of ipl-stand-implement.
  • We offer floor models of IPL technology on stable wheels or we put the device in your studio repaired.
  • You can not only benefit from our complete service, but also through our advantageous financing conditions.
  • You will receive a safe guarantee, professional service and immediate free delivery.

We are always at your site helpfully and competently before the sale and afterwards. We care round the clock for your satisfaction with your IPL-stand-equipment. We give you the solution for each need and we correspond to your concerns helpfully.


We will send you an official quotation. Please recognize our options for financing: