Rent an IPL device

Test IPL implements of best quality before you buy!
IPL-Solution offers different financially interesting options of acquisition of the ipl-implements as well as complete solutions, which contribute to cost-sinking and to efficient management of a studio for hair removal. We are determined to deal ourselves adequately with the clients‘ concerns because of our long-term experience with ipl devices and due to our expertise. The client and his interests are the main focus of our activity.
A studio for hair removal demands big investments in the functional equipment with the necessary implements. IPL-Solution knows, what is important for the client. We can advise our clients on issues of operational equipment of their studio accordingly and comprehensively. Every client sets his own prorities and each studio for hair removal has an individual demand according to the operating conditions and requirements. If you need to use implements during a limited time or if you do not feel sure about the right decision for the buying of a certain implement or in an other case if you wish to have a right of use of implements without material liability for these, before you are completely convinced by the value of the product for its use in your studio for hair removal, then we can offer you the possibilty of a rental time of 12 months in advance. After expiration of this rental period, you can purchase the device.
We offer you during this rental period full introduction to the function, operation and maintenance of your IPL machine, full service repairs and maintenance as well as free home delivery and collection. Our unbeatable offer of IPL devices on a rental basis includes best prices and the perfect quality of top products from renowned manufacturers.
Your advantages in the rental condition

  • You pay the same rates according to the agreed price offer during the course of time of the rental contract.
  • You can estimate your product in terms of the effectiveness of IPL, whereas you are using it.
  • You have the possibility to test several machines and to become yourselves familiar with them, if you should need additional equipment. By this way you can plan the operation of your studio for hair removal reasonably and you can run it on the basis of low financial expenses.
The procedure for the rent of a ipl implement runs in 3 steps easily and quickly at us:
1.      You select your desired device from our wide range of top products of many world wide renowned manufacturers.
2.      We deliver the desired ipl machine free house.
3.      We take over the free training in the using of your IPL implement. So you will be able to start the first successful treatment with your device immediately.
The rent of a IPL implement happens amazingly uncomplicated at IPL-Solution. Your treatments will be offered by you at lower costs effectively and without financial risk. Speak with us. We are here to help you. For a first contact you can use the following contact form. We are going to be happy to get back in touch with you.
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