Lease of ipl equipment

Eliminate the high cost. We provide ipl equipment of latest technological standards for your studio with low participation in cost.
You want to perform your hair removal studio efficiently and competently. You insist on the greatest ipl devices for the perfect operation of your salon and you dream of the innovativst equipment. Your clients surely know to appreciate and to enjoy it. At the same time you are new in the business oder you want to increase the effectiveness and expand your studio. The ipl technology offers you sophisticated implements of high efficiency and demanding quality. Their acquisition is a clearly high financial investment with far-reaching successfull results. Can you not plan the takeover of the costs completely? Before you land on higher than average risk because of your financial possibilities, let us to show you the right solution. We can offer you different rewarding alternatives for the acquisition of ipl machines of the best quality. The conditions of leasing facilitate the invenstments in the ipl technology in terms of payment significately. This financing possibility is extremely profitable. You gain in efficiency of developed functionality in the ipl technology with leasing and you maximize your profit compared to lower operating costs.
Which are your important advantages with leasing, that IPL-Solution offers you for ipl implements of high standards of quality?
IPL-Solution provides the excellent equipment for your studios. We care about the best possibilities for continuous high performance of the ipl machines in your studios as well as for the financial profit. We want to make our customers satisfied in every respect. The team of IPL Solution comes forward with a sense of responsibility to your interest and your wishes.
IPL-Solution gives you the safe way of leasing for the aquisition of ipl equipment on the last level of technology. The condition of leasing requires the agreement of a lease. So the ownership of the equipment is transferred to you for the duration of the validity of the leasing contract.
The benefit from our offer for you is the following:
  • All IPL devices, which are subject to the lease terms at IPL-Solution, are new and in accordance with the latest quality standard.
  • We assist you in choosing the appropriate device or just the right combination of adequate IPL devices for high performance of the equipment in your studio
  • Our extensive know-how and our professional skills can help you to meet the right choice.
  • Our experienced and certified technicians are always ready for the quick reparation of each difficulty in the operation and of each deficiency in the functioning of your IPL devices.
  • You obtaine our free of charge service for maintance at any time while you are using your implement. So you are always able to satisfy your clients without any disturbances and any failures.
  • We train you intensively in all facets of using of your ipl machines.
  • The cost of the trainings is included in the price of the leasing agreement. No additional costs fall for you.
Our service performance offers you the possibility of the best cosmetic result of your traitment with the new implements from the beginning.
The conditions of leasing give suitable financing possibilities for investments in expensive ipl equipment:

  • You pay for the use of the machine, while you are being considered as the owner of the machine through the contract of leasing.
  • After the end of the leasing agreement you can buy the implement paying the remaining financial value of the product.
  • You can extend the leasing agreement after the termination of it. Maybe you can arrange a new contract of leasing in order to use a new device.
  • The acquisition of IPL equipment by leasing does not tie up capital.
  • Reduced operating costs: leased equipment is tax deductible.
  • The rates per month are paid off by the generated profit.
  • You keep the flow of your capital and you do not need any bank loan.
You can see, how quickly and simply the leasing runs with IPL-Solution:
  • You choose your desired device from our wide range of top products of many world wide renowned manufacturers.
  • The Ipl machine will be delivered by us free house immediately after the signing of the contract.
  • You pay manageable rates per month
  • You have profit from our unbeatable low offered prices.
  • You do not pay for the machine in advance and we offer you financing conditions from 0%.
Convince yourselves of our unrivaled financing options and increase your operation into the upper class of the hair removal studios steadfast unter the offered leasing conditions. With us you are on the safe way for the successful management of your studio. Would you like to know more about our leasing terms, then please contact us. Its our pleasure to help you. You can reach us through this form the fastest. We will be glad to get back in touch with you promptly.