IPL device hire Purchase

Acquire ipl implements of the best quality on the basis of convenient conditions of payment!
The investment in new high-quality IPL devices may not always be expensive. IPL Solutions offers a financially rewarding way for clients who want to purchase the right IPL device. We reduce the otherwise high operating cost of establishing and running a hair removal studio for the benefit of our clients by giving them the best produckts on the basis of hire purchase.
Their main advantages of this procedure for the acquisition of the required IPL device:

  • You pay the same monthly rates until the buyout of the reveived implement at firstly agreed low price.
  • Before the hire purchase is released, you are considered as the beneficial owner of the implement, It means, that the value of the IPL device can be written off as operating capital. Thus, the investment can be amortized according to profit and cost with the purchase of the product
  • After the end of the period of the hire purchase you will be considered legally as owner of the ipl device.
  • You pay equally divided rates per month and you do not need any bank loan.
You will receive a full consultation at the choise of the appropriate IPL implements among our extensive product offerings to incomparably low prices.. We take over the free maintenance and repair of ipl implements during the whole period of hire purchase. We guarantee top produckts and excellent service. In addition we prepare you for the handling and for the right use of your machine, whereas we conduct in-depth regularly repeated trainings.
The procedure for the rent of a ipl implement runs in 3 steps easily and quickly at us:
1.      You choose your desired device from our wide range of top products of many world wide renowned manufacturers.
2.      We deliver the desired ipl machine free house.
3.      We take over the free training in the using of your IPL implement. So you will be able to start the first successful treatment with your device immediately.
The acquisition of IPL implements on the basis of hire purchase happens quickly and it is effective for the performed traitments in your studio. This condition of payment allows you that you can invest in sophisticated ipl machines of high value.
If you have any questions, please speak to us. We are here always to help you. You can contact us through the following form fastest. We will be pleasant to get back in touch with you as soon as possible.
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