IPL Handstück


Are you looking for a competent partner in relation to services for your IPL device? Then you are exactly right at ipl-solution. We offer an incomperable service with our highly qualified staff. We offer fixed prices for the following IPL handpieces. Other devices are offered on demand.
Procedure of our offered service for IPL-devices:


Libinvest 2B BrightLight Service
Libinvest 2B Bright Light handpiece

Procedure of our handpiece service for IPL-Devices




*our offer includes the following services:
  • replacement of lamps
  • replacement of filter
  • measurment of Joule
  • Systemcheck
  • controle of tightness
  • cleaning
  • guaranty until to 30.000 impulses
  • invoice 
  • free of cost and insured post
All prices are plus 21% VAT. Please see our offers in our ebay store as well.
The service in the field of IPL technology in addition to good used second hand and new IPL devices (Intensed pulsed light) is extremely important for us in order to be able to provide the best products to our customers. We understand our customers‘ concerns and problems with IPL devices, because IPL devices lose capability in performance and value during the course of time. A degratation of performance of IPL devices can be noticed in the field of IPL-Technology as it happens with many other devices as well. Exactly at this point, we offer the adaquate service for your IPL device in several forms.
If you believe that your IPL device significantly loses power and that the treatment success is inevitable, then it is advisable to test the capabilities of the machine. Here we offer the possibility of energy measurements on the IPL device. We can help you due to our expertise in each other case as well. We will replace the IPL device and lamps upon request. Here we use only the highest quality of IPL lamps, with which you can also reduce your cost effectively on time. Depending on the IPL lamp, the cost of a pulse can be reduced up to 6 cents.
Trust our long standing experience. If you enter in the field of cosmetic hair removal means for first time, then you need a competent partner who will provide you with advice and practical support. It is our pleasure to present you a tailor-made offer of a ipl-training. We also teach your employees upon request. We can also create manuals in German and Turkish in order to complete the service.
Contact us today if you think that your IPL device does not any longer have a performance which is specified by the manufacturer. Use our contact form and tell us how we can best reach you. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.