IPL repair service

Has an error occured in the use of your hightly acclaimed ipl-implement? ...
... or is your otherwise always perfectly functioning ipl-iplement showing a defect?
Then our techical experienced experts from IPL-Solution are the solution, for which you are looking. We know exactly, how a defect of your machines can bring confusion to you Studio, the unpleasant consequences, which you may have through it. You can imagine already the consequences of a defect at your ipl-device. The ordinary every day life of your studio crashes suddently. The clients‘ appointments must be canceled. A day wihout appointments may be painful, although this is not the only difficulty because of a defective device. At the same time the costs for the personnel and the daily operating costs are running. You also need to have the machine repaired quickly. Therefore you must look for a compentent technician. And always the costs of the repairs come in. This is a common scenario in presence of a defect. It could be worse, if the repair lasted for some reason longer than expected. But you dont have to scare in front of a possible defect of the ipl machines.
In defect of ipl dvices IPL-Solution is always at your side. The extensive know-how in the ipl technology and the function of ipl machines enable our team of professional experts to resolve the damage quickly and effectively. Our tested and experienced technicians can repair defects of any kind and they will restore your ipl-machines in the new state. IPL-Solution recognizes perfectly, what is the matter, when ipl-machines have a defect. As we are specialized in the ipl devices outstandingly, we from IPL-Solution offer you a compentent service, which we always develop forwards and which we bring constantly to new technological state.
How does our repair service function?
We offer you extensive possibilities for the promptly quick and professional rectification of defect by our qualificated technicians as following:
  • You inform us about the defect via phone of the fixed network or via your mobile phone.
  • You can report the defect of your ipl machine through the contact form in order to register the damaged function of your ipl-implement.
  • You can describe the defect shortly so that we can make a first impression of it.
  • We will get back in touch with you until the evening on the same day.
We serve you by taking care of your concerns individually:
If you charge a almost new ipl implement from us, you can benefit from the issued guarantee of function for used ipl equipment as well. So you save the cost of repair.

What‘ s more: IPL-Solution gives you the incomparable possibility for a technical mordenization of your ipl-handpiece. If you are intersted in it, read please further information about it here.