Qualitative permanent hair removal with IPL-Technology

IPL-Solution speaks for the solution-oriented direction of our services, products and offers into the particular field of the application of IPL-Technology, which is used in the effective permanent hair removal successfully.
We from IPL-Solution.com are daily engaged in the targeted and constant development of our wide range of products and of service-performance striving to tailor offers of the modernst IPL-Implements to our clients, who trust us, and while we are commited to care constantly for technologicaly highly developed IPL-Products with excellent value for money. At the same time we are setting the goal of satisfying our clients in the best way, because we appreciate enormously our clients, who invest in our products und in our services for their private or operational use of IPl devices. The reason is, that the clients‘ opinion ist the most important for us. Their happiness with their equipment is our greatest motivation.
Handpiece service for Cleanskin IPL Handpiece
Handpiece service for Syneron Elos Pitanga IPL Handpiece
Handpiece service for Epilux IPL Handpiece
Handpiece service for Huamei IPL Handpiece
Handpiece service for Powerlite 600 IPL Handpiece

New IPL-Implements of the newest technological standards and second hand Ipl-equipment with the most effective guaranty of function of all worldwide big manufacturers belong to our range of products. You can get them at cost of competitive prices and under financial conditions, which assure your income. As we are striving to offer an extensive potential in results-oriented solutions to our clients, in order that you can practice the permanent hair removal both in your cosmetic studio and at home in essential manner, we offer you the acquisition of IPL-Products under extremely interesting financial conditions. Our financing options demonstrate real benefits. You can benefit from rental and leasing options as well as purchase options through rent if you wish to charche a IPL-Implement from us. Renowned manufakturers‘ IPL-Lamps as for example the brand Loumenis and numerous spare parts from USA, England, Israel, Italy, France, China, Austria, Germany among others, which have a great importance for the need of effective sustainability of the the ipl equipment in the cosmetic studios, are essential component of our offers.

We are always available with help and advice providing the right IPL-products and the adaquate service as maintenance and repair, in order to offer you eveything „from one hand“ for your studio in the field of hair removal. In addition we can train you and your personnel in the area of the application of IPL-Technology and in the handling of your equipment comprehensively and thoroughly.

IPL-Solution offers you the suitable solution in the application of IPL-Technology for the effective permanent hair removal, that you need. Our collegial team of experienced, specialized, appropriately qualified and capable staff is ready to assist you with his extensive expertise providing the best service for any concern.

IPL-Solution disposes of profitable own know-how in IPL-Technology and the own long-standing professional experience. The company is continuously developing forwards in each area of the business activity and it is giving clients the binding promise of ensuring a great advantage in the use of IPL-Technology for the permanent hair removal.

If you need a reliable partner and a real expert in the hair removal under the application of IPL-Technology, then we will be pleasant to receive your inquiry.